Run From a Man Named Climax
911 Contemporary Arts and Resource Center, Seattle, WA

“A second installation featured another red neon sign of the title, with seven lithographs juxtaposing the story of Demeter and Persephone with media profiles of the victims as prostitutes, then runaway girls. Reacting to the lack of local press coverage, before the internet, the artist published a chapbook of the same title to inform people of issues being denied locally. It was picked up by High Performance magazine as an insert, reaching some 3,500 people nationally. So this piece, which began as an installation with a limited audience, expanded first to an intimate chapbook, then to a national magazine, linking different kinds of information systems as it moved out into the world”. 

Lucy R. Lippard, "Sliding Into Place", 1998

Neon: 7’ H x 28” H
Seven lithographs, 11’ x 20’ overall.
Commissioned by 911 Contemporary Arts and Resource Center, Seattle, WA