Public Document

The performance, Public Document, was presented on April 14, 15, 1977 at and/or Gallery, Seattle; Bumbershoot, and Port Townsend, WA

Bornstein’s method of listening to hidden stories and interactive engagement with communities was developed in Public Document. The performance was based on texts from the artist’s dreams and interviews with Lena Dunstan, a Haida basket maker who taught Bornstein a listening ritual to “make your own song with the sounds around you”. 

Bornstein collaborated with artists, Annie Grosshans and Danae Willson and developed the sound-text with composer David Mahler from interviews with Dunstan and Bornstein’s spoken words. A video played images of the artist’s three young daughters playing a Middle Eastern jump rope game. Public Document was a gestural performance as shown in photographs of the artist removing layers of clothing, alluding to the multivalent aspect of identity.

Funded by Northwest Projects, and/or Gallery, Seattle, WA
Collection of The Jewish Museum, New York
Sound-text by Gloria Bornstein and David Mahler
Performers: Gloria Bornstein, Danae Willson, Annie Grosshans

Copyright © 2017 Gloria Bornstein