Gloria Bornstein is interested in creating a balance between broad concepts and the particular - through design details that give voice to the hidden, disappearing histories creating layers of meaning.

She has extensive experience in the planning and design development of public spaces and urban streetscapes. She brings a range of experiences in integrating art into public infrastructure projects and identifying locations for art opportunities.

Fire Station 10 Art Plan

In 2004, artist Gloria Bornstein began working on a design team with Weinstein Architects + Urban Design and Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (Landscape architecture), the designers of the Fire Station 10 Replacement Project. Bornstein, commissioned by the Office of Arts & Culture, developed an art plan, as well as a proposal to create an artwork, for the new facility. In her art plan, she made recommendations for locations for her artwork and artworks by other artists.

Read Art Plan: “Different Voices, One Community”

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