Sculptures at Mauna Kea Bluffs, HI
Private Residence

The whale tail is placed on the grounds of a home where the annual mating of whales may be viewed. Located alongside a swimming pool constructed of black lava rocks, the artwork is enjoyed by family members and guests. A bubbling water feature within the pool alludes to the imagined presence of whales swimming under water. Bronze sculptures of a’ama crabs, a species of fast fleeting creatures common to Hawaiian beaches, “scamper” along poolside lava rocks. A’ama crabs are Hawaiian symbols for persistence. A bronze turtle welcomes visitors in the entry garden.

Beach House at the Bluffs website

Bronze sculptures:
Whale tail: 5’ H x 8’ W
A’ama crabs: 24” W
Turtle: 3” W
Fabrication credits: Fabrication Specialities

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