“Recovering from the scale of both the public art process and whales, Bornstein returned to the studio and, tapping into her private consciousness, found herself making a series of tiny clay forms.

The effect of this collection of archetypal images – an upright hand, an overturned foot, a tree, a heart muscle, and biomorphic resembling shell, fruit, pod, fossil – is one of the seeds for the growth of future work, a delving back into the fertile soil of the unconscious where ideas are born. (Prehistoric Peruvian farmers planted tiny sculptures of body parts, including hands, to encourage fertility.) These evocative little totems, now cast in bronze and displayed on a table top as Bliss led Bornstein to think about cataloguing as a way of coping with hidden histories. They also led to the model for her next permanent work, From One to Z.”

Lucy R. Lippard, “Sliding into Place”, 1998 

Bronze, Table: 30” x 30”,
Bits and pieces: 2-3” each.
Photo credits: Rob Vinnedge

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